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Plan, deploy and optimise your Facebook & Instagram advertising campaigns autonomously with Flobox Artificial Intelligence software.

Trusted by fast-growing businesses to Australian household brands.

From planning to optimising, our products have got you covered.

Autonomous Planning & Deployment

Users simply provide basic parameters such as KPIs, special targeting & creatives to Mozart AI.  Using Mozart’s simulation engine, the user’s input will be combined with their historical advertising & analytics data to predict and deploy the optimal advertising strategy on Facebook & Instagram to achieve the KPIs.

Optimisation On Autopilot

Once a campaign is deployed on the Flobox platform, Watcher will continuously monitor the campaigns 24/7 and make real-time optimisation suggestions such as new audience segmentation, budget re-allocation and creative replacement.

Bringing sales to your business is our only goal

“ The Flobox team and their platform is extremely powerful. In a matter of weeks, they were able to reduce our cost per install by 4x and the team is always there to answer our questions. “

Romain stas de Richelle, COO @ Snooper


8 hours per week

on average with Flobox than using spreadsheets alone


22% Increase

in ROAS on your Facebook & Instagram ad performance

Put your ad campaigns on autopilot and let us grow your customer base.