Develop a scalable social advertising strategy to increase monthly sales and Return On Ad Spend on their E-commerce store.


Prior to the engagement with Flobox, Handpicked Wines had worked with a Sydney marketing agency hoping to kickstart their eCommerce strategy. However, after 3 months of engagement, they failed to develop campaigns that were generating positive Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

The moment Handpicked Wines approached Flobox, they had a clear goal to increase the customer’s  Average Order Value (AOV) and ROAS to scale their business through an eCommerce approach. With a growing international presence, they also wanted to increase both their exposure in Australia and abroad.


The Flobox Audit Tool produced an in-depth report by analysing their historical campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, allowing the Mozart AI to identify which variables had the biggest impact on performance.

Using the information from the audit report and the brand personas provided by Handpicked Wines,  Mozart AI developed 3 new audience profiles with detailed targeting information such as age range, gender, interests and psychometrics profiles which consists of personality traits & purchase motivations.

Flobox was able to increase both the AOV and ROAS for Handpicked Wine by deploying a whole new advertising strategy. After 3 months, the average ROAS was increased by over 30% and the AOV was increased by 18%.

The Results


Increase in Return Of Ad Spend


Increase in Average Order Value

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