Optimisation – Watcher

Optimise your Facebook & Instagram advertising campaigns with one click

Data-Driven Optimisations for Modern Businesses

Optimisations are the key to improving the ROI for an ad campaign, but making data-driven optimisations is time-consuming and tedious due to the amount of data to process.

Flobox Watcher continuously monitors the campaigns 24/7 to make real-time optimisation suggestion for users to approve with a click.

How Watcher Works

The personal marketer that optimises your targeting, budget and creative 24/7.

Audience Segmentation

Watcher monitors all target audiences within active campaigns to find and recommend new audience segments that are predicted to yield better results.

Budget Distribution

Watcher actively observes the budget spent across campaign sets to provide recommendations to optimises budget distribution, ensuring every marketing dollar is spent in the right place.

Creative Recommendations

Watcher breakdown the headlines, text, message, images and video in a creative to identify which element is impacting the result of a campaign, allowing users to easily make adjustments.

Put your ad campaigns on autopilot and let us grow your customer base.