Mozart AI –¬†Planning & Deployment

Deploy result-focused Facebook & Instagram advertising campaigns autonomously

Better Campaigns, Less Effort

There is a world of great customers out there waiting for your brand to capture them. With the rise in analytics and tracking, the available data from different sources are too large for humans to process efficiently.

Mozart AI uses your data to plan and deploy campaigns for you, so you don’t have to.

Using machine learning to analyse the patterns that a typical visitor will convert into a customer, Mozart’s simulation engine plan and deploy the optimal campaigns to attain the KPI set by you.

How Mozart Works

Mozart continually analyses, learns and evaluates thousands of data points from your analytic sources to deploy campaigns that bring the most impact to your brand.

Performance Analysis

Mozart analyses historical campaign objectives, audience interests, locations, devices, creative types and creative elements to understand what impacted the campaign results and performance trends.

Campaign Planning

Mozart produces hundreds of simulations using the historical data and the customer conversion patterns to build the optimal campaigns to achieve the KPI with high confidence.


Upon approval, Mozart creates all the audiences, campaigns and creatives on its own in just minutes, helping businesses to build better performing campaigns with less effort.

Put your ad campaigns on autopilot and let us grow your customer base.