Flobox for Agencies puts AI software at your fingertips

Create and scale sophisticated Facebook advertising campaigns with Flobox’s easy to use automation and Artificial Intelligence driven optimization algorithms for your clients.

How Flobox can create efficiency for your agency

Use the latest technology to drive efficiency in your and cost savings in your agency.


20 minute full funnel advertising campaigns

Within 20 minutes: create sophisticated full funnel campaign strategies, from driving new audiences to your site to retargeting lost audiences and bringing back existing customers.


No more excel with enterpise-level advertising optimizations

Flobox’s AI algorithm automatically gathers data from current and historical campaigns, testing thousands of demographic data points to create new audience segments to scale.


1:1 creative conversations with audiences

Create 1:1 conversations with audience segments at scale without having to hire extra team members.


always on - 24/7, 365

Flobox is always on for your agency and team. Our algorithms run 24/7, 365 days of the year. Never miss an important opportunity for a client.

Extremely useful features for retail businesses...

Full Funnel Advertising Strategy

Build and scale sophisticated Facebook Advertising funnels within 20 minutes. Creates high quality campaigns without the additional headcount.

Audience Optimization

Our proprietary audience optimization algorithm analyses thousands of demographic data points to find, test and deploy new audiences that are likely to convert.

Budget Optimization

Our budget optimization algorithm boosts your business's ROI by automatically reallocating budget from poor performing audiences to high performing audiences.


Choose a pricing plan that works for you.

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Grow your customer base, not your headcount.